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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Week 17-2020 Mid Update

Follow up from our previous update (link), the index has honored its high of 33600 +/-100 and then dipped to test its support at 31800 +/- 100 on an intraday basis. We now wait for these levels to be confirmed on a closing basis. 

Major event today was MTB auction which registered a significant drop in yields. (link-1 , link-2). 

Market capitalization started with a slight gain on the first day of the week followed by a drop the next day. Capitalization stood relatively neutral today against the expectation of a drop due to MTB auction. This perhaps demonstrates a lack of equity investor's interest due to reduced yields. 

Looking forward we expect the market to re-test its support and resistance zones on a closing basis. It is approaching near its technical saturation point which can trigger mass profit taking to change the trend downwards. Further reduction in interest rates is a positive trigger for the market. 

Any upside will face the next resistance in the range of 34800 +/- 100 whereas, support falls in the zone of 31800-32400 +/- 100. This will be the previous resistance zone now acting as support.