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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

KSE-100 Week 25-2020 Mid Update

KSE-100 dipped inline with our expectation but appears to be discovering a new intraday support zone at 33800 +/- 100 vs our prediction of 33600 +/- 100. A rising support zone is a positive sign and demonstrates bullish momentum gaining strength however, it does not mean that major support has become invalidated unless proven by behavioral evidence. 

The index is also undergoing consolidation due to profit-taking and exchange of hands between sectors. This shall be evident in the day ahead when some sectors begin to lose value while others begin to gain it. 

DOD capitalization was observed to be lower than the outgoing weekly average with first trading day of the week showing massive dip followed by progressive recovery.

Today's T-bill and PIB auction had a lower than expected toll - probably due to rejected bids amid falling yield rates. This indicates that the capital shall soon return to the equities market. 


  1. Auction Result: SBP Sells T-Bills worth Rs.78.90 Billion
  2. MTB Auction: Bid Pattern
  3. PIB Auction: SBP sells floating rate PIBs worth Rs.124.55 billion
  4. PIB Auction: Bid Pattern

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